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Kropz is an AIM-listed, Africa-based company focused on responsible rock phosphate exploration, mining and processing.

Solidly backed by its cornerstone investor, African Rainbow Capital, the company’s objective is to secure quality resources across the continent, to initially supply the global fertiliser industry with phosphate feedstock, supporting the invaluable contribution of this to agriculture and thus to food security worldwide.

Simultaneously, Kropz expects to reward investors with healthy returns, based on reliable forecasts of robust rock phosphate prices as demand for fertiliser and food security grows in response to a growing global population, constrained by diminishing arable land.

One of the biggest, most positive impacts Kropz and the fertiliser sector can expect to make is in Sub-Saharan Africa which has the world’s fastest growing population, coupled with the lowest per hectare arable land fertiliser consumption. The region’s food demand is forecast to triple by 2050.

In the short term, Kropz expects to begin production from its Elandsfontein project on South Africa’s west coast in Q4 2021, taking advantage of the current buoyant prices, together with the company’s access to excellent shipping routes to major international markets. Traders have already been appointed to market Elandsfontein’s production.

In the medium term, in line with its mission to become a significant contributor to greater food production to help feed Sub-Saharan Africa’s growing population, the company plans to augment Elandsfontein’s production with that from its Hinda Project in the Republic of Congo. There is potential to blend streams from the two to meet specific market requirements.

Together, Elandsfontein and Hinda could contribute 4-5% of the internationally traded rock phosphate market.

Kropz’s longer term vision is to become an integrated plant nutrient producer, moving up the value chain, and satisfying the needs of regional demand.

Kropz, due to the low cadmium and other heavy metal content of Elandsfontein’s rock phosphate, is a member of Safer Phosphates, a global campaign that aims to highlight the negative impact of the user of heavy metal in mineral fertilisers,

Corporate structure
Corporate structure [chart]

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Our mission is to set a new standard in the green mining of fertiliser feed minerals and to develop a world class plant nutrient fertiliser production and distribution capacity that will meaningfully contribute towards feeding sub-Saharan Africa for generations to come.

Safer Phosphates [logo]

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