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Key Milestones

24 August 2016

Key Milestones


Our first official site visit was held on 2 July 2016. We had a great day with members of the community and we want to thank them for getting up so early on a Saturday morning! We hope to host more of these in the future to answer questions and to update everyone on the progress of our development.


Back row from left to right: Mark Maynard; Hennie Ehlers; Stanley Woods; Robert Abdol; Izette Carroll; Jann Hanekom; Mariana Hanekom; Amanda Ehlers; Wynand van Dyk; Mogamat Carolus. Front row from left to right: Malcolm May; Adonis Adams; Edwin Cook; Jacqueline Cook; Coleen Paul; Colleen Julies; Yvonne Jensel; Johanna Stoffels; William Julies; Jacques Viljoen; Matthews Aphane.


There are a number of milestones that we’ve reached on the construction front, with almost 1000 employees on site. We completed the firebreaks in 2015. The firebreaks were instrumental in containing the spread of the terrible fires experienced in the area late last year. The processing plant earthworks were completed in August 2015 and we are currently busy with civil construction as well as structural, mechanical and platework erection. We are also installing electrical and instrumentation cabling and piping. The Eskom substation and overhead line was energised on 28 April 2016.


The Elandsfontein project access road construction started in February 2015 and practical completion was reached in July 2016. The original road was a 4×4 sand track. We started by widening this track to allow for bi-directional traffic and then constructed new layer works to start surfacing. The resulting road will remain when the mine closes down, as it will provide access to the Dune Field Heritage Site and future Elandsfontein Nature Reserve.

Original farm track

The original farm track that is now Greenheart Drive, Elandsfontein’s main access road.

Widened and resurfaced access road

The widened and resurfaced access road now.