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An international fertiliser company focused on growing all things good in sub-Saharan Africa.
As a company we’re dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for agricultural food production in an increasingly populated world, where farmable land is becoming more scarce. Kropz is in the process of developing the Elandsfontein Phosphate Mine on the West Coast of South Africa.


Our mission is to set a new standard in quality fertilizer production and distribution that will meaningfully contribute towards feeding our world for generations to come.

We’re committed to operating with integrity and an innovative, transparent approach centred on our core values: uplift our people, develop their communities and protect the environment.



We are dedicated to creating sustainable employment opportunities and nurturing talent from our local communities.


We are focused on understanding the long-term needs of the communities we operate in, and investing our time and money meaningfully in their economic social upliftment.


We always take a proactive long-term approach to every aspect of our work, particularly where it impacts nature and the environment.


At the core of everything we do is this simple principle: Nothing wasted.

But what does that mean?

It means we’re focused on doing the right things, the right way. It means we keep our values at the forefront of what we’re doing, so we can make sure that no resource or opportunity goes to waste.

It means working efficiently, expediently and always doing things to the best of our abilities.

It means we leave whatever we find better than when we found it. It’s more than just a way of working or a business strategy, it’s the measuring stick that we judge every single action and thought against.

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